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There are many different ways a business can display customer testimonials.
When determining the best approach for your business, it's essential to remember that different formats and mediums can have varying effects on your target audience.

Anoop Pabby

Former MD and CEO, BHW Home Finance

Pramerica Life Insurance Ltd

Braj has immensely impressed me with his career graph since the time he first worked under me in 2004. His out of the box communication solutions for the brand are at the perfect intersection of creativity, result orientation and cost-effectiveness.

His journey across leading B2B and B2C brands has evolved him into a wholesome marketing and communications person. Right from Home Loans to Infrastructure Finance to Life Insurance to Infrastructure Holding Company, he has made a mark in diverse industry segments significantly uplifting the brand profile of his employer brands.

His venture ASB Communications is ideally placed to provide the right creative output with utmost dedication. His hard work and commitment will take him to newer heights through his life and career.

"Working with Braj and his team has been an absolute delight. It feels like we are working with our own in-house team, given the level of commitment and dedication that ASB Communication demonstrates.

We can hardly tell the difference between our team and theirs. Braj, in particular, has become an invaluable asset to our organization. His insights are always on point and are always given with our best interests in mind."

Akhilesh Chitlangia

MD and CEO of Duroply

Pooja Khan

Head of Corporate Communications and CSR,
Panasonic India

“ASB Communications led by Braj Kishore, is a credible, strategic communication firm. They have been instrumental and have provided us sound advice and support, especially from regional markets. Their core expertise lies in driving regional news with genuine and valuable advisory. Wishing the team all the luck and success”

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